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Hi my name is Erica. I am a Nurse, Mother, Wife and love to weave and knot on the sidelines. 

I love creating art that reflects organic natural shapes and is full of texture, dimension and movement. 

I spend countless hours planning designs and complimentary colour schemes, sourcing high quality ropes, yarns, cords and materials from all around the globe. I then personally knot and weave all fibre work with attention to detail to ensure each piece is finished beautifully and securely.

I love creating striking and unique pieces, so often use lots of graphic bright colours, bold geometric shapes and mix this with raw and natural elements to create balance and harmony.

Our macrame and woven art work is an echo of the vintage 70's but with a contemporary and sophisticated edge! 

Mac and more pieces will suit eclectic interiors that have embraced modern bohemian styling. They also blend beautifully with minimalistic spaces.

Hope you love it! 

E x


All photographs are taken by Erica unless otherwise stated.  

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